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How Solar Works

Solar panels convert energy from the sun into power that we can use in ours homes and businesses. Not only is it abundant and cleaner than what we buy from the power company, it can also be much more affordable!

Harnessing the power of the sun is so simple, it almost seems like magic. With no moving parts, each solar panel primarily consists of tempered glass and aluminum framing. Protected within are very thin crystalline wafers, specially designed to create electricity when exposed to sunlight. When these components are fully constructed and installed on a home or business, the result is a personal power plant that is entirely powered by sunshine!

How It Works For You

Solar Consultation


Every situation is different, and energy needs vary person-to-person and building-to-building. During the initial consultation, our team will work to understand your objectives and gather information on your property's energy profile. 

Solar Design & Permitting

Design & Resource Analysis

After a successful consultation, our team will then work to  explain the solar availability of your property and the options available to you. We take great care in analyzing and predicting the impact of a modeled solar solution, aiming to provide you with the most accurate expectations.

Solar Installation and Inspection

Engineering & Permitting

Once you've decided on a solution that works for you, the real work then begins. Our team of engineers will work to confirm our initial observations, and we will coordinate all necessary permits and approvals from local building authorities.

Solar Management and Construction

Management & Construction

You will received dedicated support and communication from our administrative team throughout every phase of the project, plus high courtesy from our field crews during your install. We stand by our commitment to a pleasant experience throughout your entire solar journey.

Roof Solar Installation
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Our company’s focus is to help home and business owners get the most out of going solar. Renewable energy is here to stay, and communities need a trusted partner in the transition.

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