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Residential Solar

Transform your home into your own personal power plant fueled by the sun!

Sustainable Solar Energy

Powering Your Home 

Take control of your own energy through the power of the sun. Solar panels help turn your home into a self-sufficient power plant, turning sunlight into electricity that you can use throughout your home.

Save On Your Electricity Bill With Solar

Why Add Solar?

Cost is the most common reason why people decide to go solar. In recent years, the cost of energy from the power company has outpaced the cost of owning your own solar energy producing equipment. It primarily comes down to predictability, control, and protection from rising electric rates.

Savings Everyday with Solar

Attractive Financing

As the solar energy has grown, so have the available financing options. In most cases, homeowners are able to slash their existing power bill and replace it with a lower, fixed solar payment with absolutely no money out of pocket. The majority of our customers are seeing immediate savings from day one, or a positive return on their investment within five years.

Solar Maintenance

Our Photovoltaic Systems

PV solar systems come in all sorts of different configurations, with wide variances on equipment selection. We establish and maintain strong supplier and manufacturer relationships, ensuring that we can pass down as much value to our customers as possible. We hand pick our equipment recommendations for optimal performance in the hot Florida climate, and do our best to offer premium-grade products at a competitive price.

Solar Installation & Inspection

Quality Workmanship

All of our installation crews consist of in-house technicians and electricians, quality-controlled under the supervision of our Master Electrician. We never subcontract the work required to a third-party, keeping our clients' homes in the hands of only our trusted employees.

The Future is Solar

Active Communication

Clear, proactive, and transparent communication is the backbone of all of the work we do. Each of our customers have access to their very own Client Portal, where they can track the status of their project in real time. Additionally, you will have unrestricted access to our administrative team as they work to coordinate the details of your project with local building authorities and your utility company

Get A Quick Estimate

With so many trendy investment opportunities available in today’s day and age, it’s easy to be skeptical of new products that boast promises of "saving you tons of money.


Your Home, Powered by the Sun

If someone offered to buy your home and rent it back to you, would you do it? What if they agreed to only raise your rent 4-8% each year, would you do it then? 99% of people would likely give a firm, "Absolutely not!" So why do we accept this same arrangement with our local power company?

Most people default to renting their power, and, for most of human history in the Industrial Age, this has been our only option. This lack of choice is compounded even further in an energy market like Florida's where we have absolutely no say in who our electric provider is. Solar gives you the freedom of choice that we've never had before, plus the financial benefit of owning your energy for less than what you are already paying to rent it from someone else. 

Residential Solar Services

Residential Solar Services

  • PV System Consultations and Site Analysis

  • Service on Existing PV Systems

  • Removal & Reinstallation of Existing PV Systems

  • PV System Retrofits and Expansions

  • Home Battery Installation

  • EV Charger Installation

  • Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Services 

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