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Florida AG Ashley Moody Continues Fight Against Bad Actors in Solar Industry

'Scams at a Glance: The Dark Side of Solar.' digital resource guide from the Office of Florida Attorney General Ashley Moodyy

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody expanded upon her public campaign against malicious solar companies at a news conference in Jacksonville on Tuesday.

Alongside representatives from the Better Business Bureau, Attorney General Moody announced a new resource to help Florida consumers better navigate the potential complexities that can come when making a personal investment in solar energy. "Scams at a Glance: The Dark Side of Solar" is a digital guide intended to give Floridians tips on how to avoid entering into business with a shady solar company, available in both English and Spanish.

Transform Solar proudly stands behind AG Moody's efforts, as we see the impact of bad solar business each and every day. Our business was born from a passion to provide our fellow Floridians with a solar installation partner that they can trust with what is often their most valuable asset in their home, and we take our role in this industry extremely seriously.

When consumers are making significant purchase decisions on rapidly emerging products like at-home solar, lack of awareness and education can open the door for companies with ill intent to take advantage of them. Poor workmanship, low quality products, and misleading expectations on energy savings are some of the most common issues we hear about when working with customers.

All consultants and partners representing Transform Solar are held to a high standard of education and transparency, backed by experienced in-house workmanship and dedicated long-term customer service. We have seen first-hand the damage that can be inflicted by a bad solar investment, and we are proud to have quickly established our footing as Tampa's Most Trusted solar company.

Kudos to Attorney General Moody for her no-nonsense approach to our industry, as solar should be nothing short of a great investment for all Floridians looking to take their energy needs into their own hands.


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